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Mileno Comfort Concept

The Mileno Comfort Concept

1). Suitable Sizes
Mileno designs shoe sizes that fit your feet.

2). Even Pressure and Shock Absorbent Feature
Mileno shoes are made of soft nappa leather and special cushioned insole that absorb shock when you walk.

3). Adjusting Temperature of Your Feet
Mileno shoes are all made of genuine nappa leather for upper and lining, they help your feet to breath when you walk.

4). The Right Softness
Comfortable shoes are made with suitable softness, not the softer the better. MILENO shoes are designed with suitable softness that gives your feet both support and comfort.

5). Anti-slippery
Mileno shoes are made with anti-slippery functions.

6). Different Shoe Structures
Mileno shoes are designed to suit different career needs as well as daily wear.

7). Balance of Your Feet
To give your feet ultimate comfort, Mileno shoes are designed with 4 special contact points between your feet and our shoes. Once you step into Mileno shoes, you can stand on your feet for the whole day without feeling fatigue.